Top 5 entry-level IT jobs for new grads

Are you at the beginning your adventure wwith IT indusstry andd you're nott ssure whicch career path to choose?

Top 5 entry-level IT jobs for new grads

Top  5 Entry level  IT Jobs

1. Software Developer/Engineer

If you graduated with a computer science degree, you likely know how to code or at least have a good idea of what you are doing and could hold your own. Software developers are in high demand these days due to the increasing popularity of apps and games, among other things. The video game industry is booming and software developers drive the success of the games that are sold.  With Apple recently reaching 50 billion app downloads.

2. Systems Engineer (SE)

I would go so far as to say a systems engineer (SE) is a jack of all trades, but it's not uncommon for an SE to be well versed in more than just one technology. As an SE, you might be in charge of building out your company's server architecture, network design or virtualization environment.  You could be working with Microsoft technologies, VMware, Linux and Cisco.  This job category is a little broader than most, but along with the breadth comes many possible job opportunities.

3. Database Administrator(DBA)

Do you ever stop to think how important databases are to our everyday life?  Most likely not.Do you or have you ever been part of a preferred shopper or VIP shopper club at your local grocery?  If so, then you have used a database. In those situations, your personal data is stored in a database to keep track of your points or preferences when you shop.  There are so many other more important needs for a database such as police work, education or medical records.  DBAs are in high demand in today's IT job market.  As an IT student, databases are something you either love or hate, so finding a good DBA can be a difficult thing for some employers.  If you are a good DBA then you can rest assured your services will always be in demand.

4. Network Engineer

What would IT be like without networking? For that matter, what would the world be like today without networking?  Networking is how companies and individuals connect with each other all over the world. It's no surprise then to see how in demand good network engineers are.  If you love configuring routers, switches and firewalls and you have a good grasp on how networks are architected, then this is the job for you. Every company needs a good network engineer, so finding a good job should not be difficult. 

5. Storage Engineer

Big Data.That's what we're talking about here. Terabytes upon terabytes of data.Companies such as Dell, HP, Hitachi Data Systems, NetApp and EMC all offer great storage hardware and software solutions. If you can master one or all of them, your resume will be ironclad.

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